Rinji's Got Some Beef With You by RinjiPantera

Rinji's Got Some Beef With You


6 June 2016 at 00:44:40 MDT

...That's right, with YOU! Best get with him to "resolve" the situation. >.>

I was positively floored when I received this out of the blue. And my reaction was quite literally that I was actually really turned on by this...my own fursona! Does that make me gay, or is it a form of masturbation? lol

Maybe it was the fact that the ninja panther seemed to be channeling Pachua with those standout beefy and veiny arms of his. In any case, this really made my day.

So tell me, who wants to rub their hands over and (try to) squeeze those veiny mountains of steel? Bet you can't do it without getting aroused! XD

Many thanks to 9-puzzle for drawing this! =3

Rated mature for obvious bulge down below.

Art by 9-puzzle