Rinji's Predicament II by RinjiPantera

Rinji's Predicament II


3 June 2016 at 20:22:09 MDT

As the battle rages on, Rinji has already pulled out all the stops against his opponent. His opponent was fast enough to dodge Amaterasu, he broke out of Tsukuyomi, and his Susanoo was purely defensive in a battle where he had to go on the offense in order to defeat him.

The signs of the battle were evident as Rinji's clothes were tearing, more bruises had appeared, and his right Mangekyo had suffered the effects of having overused Amaterasu. His vision was beginning to fade and his stamina was decreasing with each passing moment.

Can Rinji turn the tables on his opponent, or will he be "killed"?

I realize he's suddenly wearing his shirt. But this was a different artist who did this. This was also done as a Christmas present as requested by my good friend, kay-dee667

So thank you very much, bro! I really like this! :)

And thank you to Ryuakira for drawing this! :)

Art by ryuakira