Rinji Pantera: Sharingan Ninja Panther by RinjiPantera

Rinji Pantera: Sharingan Ninja Panther


24 May 2016 at 00:14:27 MDT

Here's the first serious picture of my OC. Of course from this angle, Rinji's eyes look like they're evil. Of course, that's just his active Sharingan.

And while he is normally easygoing and pretty upbeat, he too carries his own personal demon...literally.

On the other hand, rather than try to deny that fact, he has made it a part of him and even dons a phoenix silhouette emblem on his outfit. And speaking of which, this is what he wears in battle.

And yes, that sword is the same type of sword Sasuke uses. What can I say? It's an awesome sword!

Oh, and notice the muscle bulges underneath his outfit. Don't forget that he is quite muscular and is very strong and very fast. He's certainly a ninja you don't want to cross.

Artwork by drakemohkami