Chibi Rinji by RinjiPantera

Chibi Rinji


24 May 2016 at 00:00:12 MDT

I always get a kick out of chibified versions of characters. The artist who did this had a really good promotion going where I could get a drawing of any character in a chibi version. So I went with myself! =D

There were a couple details I forgot to elaborate on, I'll admit. Foremost among them is Rinji's scar, which is supposed to be over his right eye, is over his left.

But aside from that, I liked how it turned out! This is basically me in casual attire. I'm still looking to perfect his overall look, so expect some subtle tweaks to his appearance over the next few pictures. And though he is normally pretty muscular, he looks skinny here.

Comments? Opinions? ^_^

This piece was done by lufidelis