Pachua Got Back by RinjiPantera

Pachua Got Back


23 May 2016 at 01:23:21 MDT

I just love this one! Here is Pachua completely immersed in a powerful megaflex! And I had to have it be a hefty back flex complete with a double bicep flex this time around since I wanted a good back shot. She is the sexiest and most muscular character I have ever created and I owe many thanks to Drake for bringing her to life in these pics!

This will probably be the last one you'll see of her for a while as I want to finally get to other characters as well. But not to worry, I'll definitely return to her again!

All my thanks go to drakemohkami for this spectacular commission!


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    The thickness/weight to the muscles is really well conveyed, especially with that pose! You really lucked out with this one. <3

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      Indeed. It was a shot in the dark, hoping that she would look right upon her initial drawings. =)