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Spritzer - Reference Sheet by RileyCoyote

Spritzer - Reference Sheet


25 February 2015 at 22:46:42 MST

Hey all! I just finished up this adorable reference of my new character, Spritzer! He is a watermelon-scented Aromink, which is a closed species owned by my friend lime-twist. I'm not going to lie, Twist is an incredible artist and I have learned a lot from simply looking at their work!! This reference was inspired by Twist's personal reference! I think it turned out alright! wags

As the ref says, Spritzer is very mischievous and playful - he resides in a cave deep in the forest; he is notorious for using his enticing scent to lure hikers into his dwelling in order to steal their shiny objects (i.e. jewelry, silverware, etc). He is never seen without his striped bandana and glowing melon charm!

STOP! Arominks are a CLOSED SPECIES - do not make your own! They can only be obtained via commission, auction or trade from the creator.

Spritzer's design and species is ©
Art is © me.

*NOTICE: I have been having issues lately with people reuploading art I have commissioned or drawn for myself, either claiming the art or characters as their own, or not giving credit to me or the original artists. As a result, from now on I will be uploading all my personal art and commissioned artwork(provided the artist consents) with a large overlaying watermark, like the one that is seen on this reference sheet. I realize that it's annoying, but I have a very low tolerance for art and character theft.*