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Refills @ Moobers by Rikki The Black Fox

Refills @ Moobers

Rikki The Black Fox

The 2nd and last part of the Moobers series thus far. I should really explore this canon more. Plus I love drawing Rikki like this, hee hee hee~

Art by @RikkiShinzui on Twitter, AKA me.

I'm open for commissions!

Details here:

It was obvious that the happy customer wanted his chance to see the fox get huge, it didn't take a genius to figure out what he wanted, and that happy bunny only got happier as Rikki placed the tip of the dispenser in her mouth, and locked the handle down as soda was flowing right into her mouth as she started to gulp it all down and her belly started to expand, which once her customer sat up and leaned back he could see in all its entirety thanks to the translucent table. Her belly started to catch up to her hips as she started to swell up, the shirt riding up and the speedos stretching only slightly, but they both know there was no way she could stop there. Rikki looked to the side briefly at the soda machine dispensing her drink, seeing that it still hade more than 4 thousand gallons of soda left in it. This wasn't going to be over anytime soon, and it was something both parties were excited for. Rikki could see the practically guaranteed tip in her mind once she was done here~

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    Heheh I feel like i need to get a job here ;3