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The Eponymous Duo by RieselUniverse

The Eponymous Duo


A basic height/stats chart for these two goobers, the "protagonists" of my dystopian sci-fi e-book, Riesel Tales: Two Hunters (click here for the journal).

I keep ping-ponging with ideas for Runge's outfit, but I like this one for his casual city getup. He dresses to impress (and stroke his massive ego). For bounty hunting missions, he wears something more militaristic. Ramy, however, wears the same thing pretty much all the time, because she doesn't need a trendy outfit to feel like the most impressive thing in the observable universe.

Wiki for Runge
Wiki for Ramy

Runge and Ramy © RieselUniverse/Roystonn Pruitt

EDIT: This reference is outdated and only here for historical reasons.