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Aquatic Assassin by RieselUniverse

Aquatic Assassin


Cutolla Ceybeck is getting ready for a espionage.

To quote from the wiki:
"The Fruburwhas (froo-BUR-hwah) are a tall, lithe, amphibious mammalloid species from Illairt. Adept at swimming, their hands and feet are webbed, and their long tails have a dorsal sail and a fin at the end. All of their digits are opposable. They typically have three pairs of large, feather-like external gill stalks (rami) atop and on the sides of their heads. These are used for respiration when underwater, and the lowest set doubles as ears. Their eyes are pearly and iridescent, and the pupils are not immediately noticeable. They see chiefly in ultraviolet and a bit into the standard spectrum (violet and blue). They average at around 6'5", and can live up to 240 years. Lost limbs can be regenerated over a few weeks." [ more on the wiki]

Cutolla is featured in story #3, Vol. 1 of my e-book series Riesel Tales: Two Hunters. The series as a whole centers around the adventures of Runge and Ramy, a pair of bounty hunters who live and work on the city-covered and crime-infested planet of Riesel. Even though they hate each other, they work together for mutual benefit. Bickering and sarcasm abound.

Journal about it can be found here.

Cutolla © Riesel Universe/Roystonn Pruitt