Mega Mewtwo Y by Rickz0r (critique requested)

Mega Mewtwo Y (critique requested)


3 February 2014 at 16:09:20 MST

Personally I adore the new formes design. If I had to change something about it though, I would've left out the toes and gone with legs that end in a point.

The amount of hate it has gotten is astounding, I've played the games since generation 1, so I try to keep an open mind when it comes to newer gens. Sometimes people will just hate something to hate it, and the irony in that is sometimes they end up falling in love with it when they realize it's potential and get a better understanding of it.

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    Nice job, I actually like the little slashy transitions between the colors you have going on. :) It looks real cool.

    As for critique that this submission requests: the upper body looks great, but I personally think the lower half of the body looks a little bit shortcutted and a little "floaty" without too much structure or direction, specifically around the ankles and feet. I think if you tried to give them a little more visual grounding, by making them a little less "noodly" (but still keeping the smooth curved style that the rest of the image has) it would really help.

    Looks real nice though! Great job!