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[Req] Co(il)operation by Rickochet (critique requested)

[Req] Co(il)operation (critique requested)


Oh boy, where to start with this one. So this is kind of a merge of requests from Commander_Wolfe and Umbralfeline who both wanted to see two snakes coiled together in some fashion.

And then it all went downhill.

So the story goes a snake gets a reputation for being more than a little friendly with the rabbits around the forest. Hearing this, Jajuka takes it upon himself to take them under his wing to help them subvert the unsavory actions. Things happen.

I decided the arctic hare's name is Wisp/male and haven't decided on the snakes name and gender. In case anyone is wondering why an arctic hare is in the jungle, he's a foreign exchange student and has 0 grasp of the language~ I'm not used to so much text so I feel like it could have been better organized. Outside of that, pretty happy.

Jajuka and horrible dialogue corruption

Mystery snake and Wisp are yours truly.

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    I have to say, I love how you drew the arctic hare! The lines are so clean and sharp! Very nice picture!

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      I appreciate that. I've noticed that my lines can get very inconsistent throughout a picture so I made an effort to avoid that and get some nice, clean lines. Not perfect by any means, but hey, we improve.