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Ani-Droids Classifications by RickGriffin

Ani-Droids Classifications


21 March 2015 at 00:42:56 MDT

A thing I did today!

Something I realize I’ve made part of the Ani-droids universe, but have not expounded on much, are the different classes of ani-droids beyond the common personal ani-droid like Lily.

These classifications are not necessarily 100 percent stock—Custodes-class ani-droids could, for instance, be equipped with lots of expensive non-lethal weaponry methods for law enforcement*, lighter subdual methods for private security, tools alone for for fire and rescue, and so on. The “base model” of Custodes-class, however, contains the presumption that a number of tools will be built-in, and that the personality will be authoritative to civilians and responsive to human commanders.

  • (the reason the Custodes class actually wear clothes is in part for the uniform, and in part to cover the areas where the arms and such separate into weapon modes, where there would be obvious seams)

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    This is really neat and I kinda want to see more on the Medens :D

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    Seconding Ikani! The Medens is REALLY NEAT looking.

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    I kind of hear the Custodes's voice as... remember the Barbie from Toy Story 2? So very plastic and perky?

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    Snazzy. The Custodes looks so chipper while she's ready to taze you. :)

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    I would hate to be on the wrong side of the law with the Custodes around.