REDRAW - INA Shower Time by RickGriffin

REDRAW - INA Shower Time


1 July 2014 at 01:04:43 MDT

Redraw of this:

Old picture redraw. Not colored, just sketched

Original is INA Shower Time was drawn waaaay back in 2006, with character. Riki, Oda, Kiti and Triko. New sketch on top has them reversed.

I mainly did this because the “new” INA style I’ve developed over the old one is basically a compromise, because I still wanted a buff Riki and a busty Kiti as these were just things that made those characters who they were.

One of the things I notice about my art progression is that I haven’t necessarily been trending toward more anatomical correctness, but just better shapes and conservation of space (especially noting I learned how to actually convey “raccoon” faces far better several years after the original), posture and expression overall. I suppose that comes with being a cartoonist and not a fine artist.

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    Wow. Your drawing style has really changed!

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    For some reason I'm picturing him having a hard time choosing which gender he wants to be...

    watches my mind fly away nooooo OAO come baaaack....

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      The one in the middle? Strange, because that's one of his character traits . . .

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        HAHA! Well, it's just what I was getting from the drawing at least ^^

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    Am I the only one who thinks that middle character looks a lot like Kari?