Hilde in a Bathtub by RickGriffin

Hilde in a Bathtub


17 December 2013 at 19:02:17 MST

Sometimes I wonder, since this would be considered Hilde’s private life, is depicting her like this disrespectful, even though she’s entirely fictional? Or if not/so, wouldn’t stories in general just be some kind of “justified” extension of voyeurism?

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    I dunno, would she flinch if she knew she were being watched? x)

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    Well the eyes make it seem like she might be aware somebody is watching.

    I guess you could consider it voyeurism if you think of the artist/author like a photographer that takes snapshots of a character's life.

    This question is really one to ponder on.

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    She's your creation, so this is ultimately something only you can answer. Having empathy for something fictional falls on the artist. How do you think she'd feel? How strongly do the feelings of someone who isn't real weigh on your own mind? I'd personally try to avoid asking yourself if it is disrespectful to consider this as a photo and voyeurism, but rather consider it an omniscient glimpse into her life.

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    I look at it like this. If it were against the character's wishes, I doubt you'd have been able to draw it to begin with. One thing I've learned is I never seem to be able to make my characters do anything that is against their true nature.

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    Well, to be perfectly honest, she doesn't seem to be too bothered by our presence. So, if it is voyeurism, she doesn't seem to have a problem with it.