Turek Species Sheet by RickGriffin

Turek Species Sheet


12 June 2019 at 19:31:11 MDT

This is the last one of the species I invented for Hayven Celestia from the outset, even though they are only mentioned and never seen so far I have been rolling around ideas in my head for how to best develop them (and their look), and I think I finally have something that works

May be a bit intense for some viewers

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    No fear of death seems like a strange evolutionary advantage. I guess you can get away with it when you are are a sentient venomous t-rex.

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    These dudes are hardcore.

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    I like the linguistic note about two tongues.

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    These guys are made of badassery. Probably my favorite of these races so far.

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    Love how adaptable they seem to be. Hardcore and takes no prisoners, huh? Going to be fun to see and work with these on the battlefront. Good luck. Thank you so much for the work and effort you put into your worlds.

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    You may have to scrap the idea of a fluorine atmosphere. As pure gas it will react with nearly anything else in the atmosphere because of its electron negativity

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    "These prices are unfair!!! I'll kill myself!!!"

    • Turek negotiations for Dummies