Carousel Ride by RickGriffin

Carousel Ride


1 April 2018 at 10:16:25 MDT

Okay so one--I wasn’t quite intending to do this picture but since I said I wanted to do another carousel character, Northern-Crosshair contacted me and said he wanted a commission with one, and since I needed a print, I thought back to an idea I had a while ago but hadn’t implemented--doing YCH commissions for pictures I’d otherwise use generic characters for.

So this is his donkey Jenny, and in the BG there is what I believe to be a brand new character for TenPoundHammer he has named Rouse

Two--Again so I don’t miss it--the original inspiration for a carousel character came from this picture ( done by carnival carnival. I’ve seen other characters drawn as carousel horses though the vast majority of them have been, like, a bondage thing and not literal. Anyway Carnival is great and you should watch her if you haven’t.

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    How did- Is that even- You DO realize she's being impaled, right?!

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      She's also made of wood and fiberglass and coated in glossy paint, what's your point!

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    Neat! And sexy.

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    What a weird -- but interesting -- concept: that of a live or living (or sentient) carnival horse.