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West of Heaven - Character Sheet by RickGriffin

West of Heaven - Character Sheet


13 October 2015 at 00:32:05 MDT

Ever since my surgery back in 2012, I gained a lot more weight than I’d kept on virtually my entire college career. And it’s strange, given that I’m the kind of person to not really care what I physically look like, that I thought gaining weight was somehow a disappointing outcome. My fursona had always been vastly different from my actual body type, if only because it’s a fun fantasy. There’s a semi-totemic aspect, that by envisioning oneself as having certain qualities, it’s easier to take on those qualities.

But there was a gulf there anyhow, as though I was saying to everyone that I’m disappointed with myself. I’m not, really. There’s always going to be things I wish I could change, and things I can change I wish would come easier. But if I kept thinking I was projecting the image of disappointment, then I might be dissuaded from necessary self-care.

I don't think he'd actually replace the furret fully, but I do know of several people who have multiple personal characters that capture different aspects of their personality. Sometimes they feel this way, sometimes that. West is basically so that I can capture a fuller, more adult side of myself that I feel like I've been ignoring for too long.

Since he does represent me, you can still call him Rick, thought West or Heaven (or Roo I suppose) would be helpful to differentiate him from the furret.

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    People who are slightly "overweight" suffer less from illness in general, so it's not such a bad thing. Although if you never stop gaining weight, then something in your body is out of whack, even though people will ignorantly blame it on calories or saturated fat.

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    I like him, he's cute :3 steals his ears Fluffy ^3^

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    Saw this when you posted but only just now got the name, at least somewhat.

    Looks more like a real person I would randomly see in the real world. I would buy this dude a drink. :)

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    I really, really love this character design. :0)

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    Better knowing that there is a possibility to change things... than learning that it can never be done in your life no matter how much you want it because you are forever ill and can't choose to do things others can anymore.

    On a side-note... I googled "furret" because I till this day didn't know what animal you were based on... and it's POKEMON?!
    I had no idea!
    Why I only chose to look it up now? I am silently watching your work for ages now... Maybe because you don't draw your sona too often.