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Blue's Head by Rhyset

Blue's Head


24 October 2016 at 19:47:51 MDT

alright another head it was all i could think of to draw today!
Blue in a much less toony style then they’re normally drawn in.

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    ME: wow hay ant Blue you fursona?, and what happen to him?
    PS nice art
    PSS sorry for the long post
    PSSS this is getting dumb, sorry

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      Nah this is my fursona
      And Blue isn't a boy, they use they/them pronouns!

      • Link does that work "they/them" but it's one animal, I'm I missing something here?...hummm I have to look in to this, please do try to clear this up for me if your a willing, if not no hard felling's I just would like to know for future events really it's no big deal if you don't, "Hero's" seem to always be buzzy...

        But one day you will stop, just wait...

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          Dude you're creepin me out with the last comment?? Are you trying to RP? Don't do that

          & They/Them is just an alternative way of referring to a person who doesn't feel comfortable being identified as boy or girl. It's doesn't mean there's more than one of them, it's just a way to talk about them without saying he or she! :3

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            Me: I'm so happy you responded to this really I didn't think you would but your a "Hero" so, so sorry to creep you out really hayhay, I'm not trying to RP with you, and when I said "stopping" I was referring to when the day I meet you face to face, I know this may sound weird but will others were looking a supper heroes on TV and books or looking a sports or games I was looking at this world of art, Furry Art as all little kids do I feel in love with what seem to encouraged me, your art as well as a selected few. I felt your art as well as their art telling me "Never give up, move on no matter what happens, you can be as great as we are one day", I know it's like "come on man don't you think your over doing it or just putting to much faith in these guys?" but really your art encourage me to keep on this "Dream" to be as great as you and the other "Hero's" are, to tell you face-to-face that you mean the world to me and with an out stress hand ask you for your friendship to show that I can be as great as you, and then one day someone can look at my are and say "I want to be like him one day" but maybe it's just a childish dream but i don't care anymore really, it's my dream and i will never give up on it so, so really sorry for creeping you out and sorry this is so long hayhayhay thanks for reading this..."Hero"nt

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              I think I kinda get what you're going for there, but some of that comment was not okay. " I was referring to when the day I meet you face to face", I can't lie dude that's pretty strange. I'm sure I'm sure I'm sure you had good intentions writing that comment, but telling people online how you're gonna come meet them is just eerie. Ya I'd like to meet a lot of people and tell them how much I appreciate what they do but I don't tell them "we're gonna meet face to face eventually" because that's weird and they'd think I'm coming to murder them. I'm just saying, compliments are fucking great and I'm glad someone's art inspires you but please realize where the line is drawn. Have a good one!

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                Me: thanks man for clearing that up for me, i'll get used to this soon or letter

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    Rhys you're new profile pic is fucking sweet.