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This is Serious by Rhyset

This is Serious


Redrew a thing from 2015. I miss the bold colors I used to use. I was much more experimental with my work. I still remember my thoughts and feelings while drawing this. I was not in a good place at all. I hope the fact I’m still alive right now can reach back to my past self, I could have used it.
turns out i never uploaded the original anywhere but tumbls. huh.

compare to the original here;

song inspo for the original (shooting at end of video)

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    You've definitely improved a lot since then, I think your use of bold colors has just gotten better. This makes me wanna revisit some of my more ambitious stuff too...I haven't drawn experimentally since like 2013.

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      Thank you! and u should!! it feels really nice when you have something similar to compare cause its not just style that improves, but color and composition. It's a really rewarding feeling B)

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    These colors are really nice, the improvement in color use really shows too, contrasts very smoothly and nicely now

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      <3<3 tHANK U i was really pleased w myself :,3c

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    I saw both comparisons on tumblr and I adore both your skills from those two different timelines. Your one the people who seems to embrace how smooth their talent formed, I see so many people punching their designs, but smooth cool blue doggo you has always presented things with such grace and deep colors.

    Your amazing.