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Self Insert by Rhyset

Self Insert


8 October 2015 at 20:41:21 MDT


A nervous skinwalker akin to Animaniacs' Buttons or Scooby-Doo, who prefers staying in dog form and helping the twins out of trouble. Useless aside from getaway vehicle status.

I actually love self inserts okay. If you guys have GFalls self inserts you should tell me about them in the comments (i'm way behind in season 2 tho please spare me from spoilers). If you have self inserts that aren't GFalls that's cool too. Just do you and enjoy what you create.

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    Alex Hirsch himself should see your artwork... I think that would be a magical opportunity for you to express your artistic creativity.
    Even if that doesn't happen, I'll never quit loving what you draw and how you draw it! :D

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      noooooooooooo no no no
      i would cry if he saw my work and not in a happy way I'm far too shy!
      but i appreciate the sentiment <3

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    I love the gravity falls stuff you've been doing lately, you do it so well!
    Just amazing man

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      Thank you so much! I've drawn loads of fanart for it but I don't think I've posted much here. >w>'

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    I still love it c:

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      <33 all your nice comments make me smile!!