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Tails and Tactics: Preview of: Clever Use of Camo by Reynard

Tails and Tactics: Preview of: Clever Use of Camo


We're raising the money to print! We have less than a month to go, so be sure to get your pledges in! The exclusive Sponsor's Pogo Stick card will never be available again, so be sure to get yours at This exclusive card is available to everyone who contributes $10 or more will get this exclusive card with the art by TaniDaReal!

We're at FC! We'll be there the whole time! We're gonna do a game demonstration at some point and we'll announce it over Twitter! Follow us @TailsandTactics to be informed when!

This is a preview of a card in Tails and Tactics, a Clean Furry Trading Card Game currently in development. For more information, you can see our website at

Throughout history, Camouflage has proven to be quite useful. Sometimes, you have to hide in a way that they won't expect you! Thus, it's more about the Clever Use of Camo rather than the use in general. Anyways! This unit not only allows you to stop a unit from attacking, but it allows whatever it was attacking to return the favor!

This card is from Test Version 12 and will vary from the newest draft (Test Version 13). It'll look similar in the final draft, just not exactly the same.

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