Tails and Tactics: Preview of: Constant Supplies! by Reynard

Tails and Tactics: Preview of: Constant Supplies!


13 January 2013 at 01:59:34 MST

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This is a preview of a card in Tails and Tactics, a Clean Furry Trading Card Game currently in development. For more information, you can see our website at http://tailsandtactics.com/

Ever wish you could draw more cards than your opponent? Want an edge that gives you 50% more cards per turn? Wanna help your team instead of just yourself? You clearly need Constant Supplies! With this card on the field, all players on your team draw a third card each turn! Fair warning though, once this gets on the field, it'll be the first thing your opponent tries to destroy. So... watch out.

This card is from Test Version 12 and will vary from the newest draft (Test Version 13). It'll look similar in the final draft, just not exactly the same.

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