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Team Bonefire Chapter 1 - The call. by RescueheroBr@d

Chapter 1 - The call.
The rain was gently pouring down, it was after school and all the kids had gone home, there was only one kid still at the preschool, but the teachers didn't even realize he was still there. His name was Cyrus, a 5 year old who was anything but normal. Most kids at his age would be into certain shows but Cyrus wasn't like most. He still loved programs for toddlers and babies, he had a hidden pacifier he kept hidden in a pocket of his cargo shorts. He was also into diapers and other baby stuff. He didn't have any younger siblings or cousins to sneak any from, and his fake bedwetting attempts ended with harsh words from his parents. Cyrus wanted nothing more than to be a baby or even a toddler again. Diaper commercials, potty training commercials, anything that would tap into his inner toddler drove him crazy. Cyrus didn't really get any sympathy from kids his age, they teased him relentlessly, calling him a crybaby, and due to Cyrus' shy nature, his few times he wet or messed himself by accident got him called 'pee-pants' or 'stinky-butt'. Not a single kid was his friend and the teachers were quite tired of how Cyrus acted and basically forgot he existed due to how quiet he was. A boom of thunder was heard, causing Cyrus to flinch from his hiding place on the playground, causing him to start tearing up as he felt his pants get warm in the front.
"Again...Why can't I be brave...Why can't I stop this..." Cyrus started to hear whisperings, as he looked around he saw a faint light, it was like it was calling out to him. Cyrus slowly got closer, but as he did his pace slowly picked up until he was near it and reached out...Suddenly everything went black.
"Hey...kiddo wake up...hey." Cyrus heard a voice, it was a male voice. Cyrus slowly opened his eyes to see something standing over him. As his eyes focused he saw it was a huge Cyndaquil. This Cyndaquil's stomach was HUGE. He had a blue start right on his chest and had a tuft of hair that had green tips but matched his normal fur. The biggest anomaly in it all, the diaper that was attached to the Cyndaquil.
"Um...Uh..." Cyrus' shyness got the better of him, and he just looked around confused until he saw a small puddle of water and looked at it. As soon as he did, he let out a high pitched scream of terror, it got the cyndaquil so spooked that the cyndaquil's diaper got a yellow tint at the front. Eventually Cyrus calmed down and came to the realization of a few things. He was a cubone now, this cyndaquil that woke him up was still with him and was in a wet diaper, and finally he had no idea how to get back...not that he'd want to.
"Um...I...My name is Cyrus...I...I was a human..." The cyndaquil looked at Cyrus before letting out a deep laugh from their belly.
"A human? That's a new one. Still, you don't seem to be one for lying...My name is Iván, it's nice to meet you, Cyrus...But um, how old are you?" Iván was a bit worried, many pokémon looked down upon older pokémon talking to younger ones they didn't already know or that weren't family.
"I'm old are you?" Cyrus looked up at Iván with big puppy dog like eyes, Iván sighed but smiled.
"I'm 20, and you seem to be confused about my diaper it seems" Iván giggled as Cyrus blushed and looked away.
"W-Well mama always said they were only for babies...I never saw anyone older wearing them..."
"Well, i'm Incontinent. Which means I can't control when I have to go. At first it was a bit of an annoyance but not having to stop for bathroom breaks or anything helps."
"Oh, um...I guess that's good? Um could I..." Before Cyrus could finish, they heard a cry for help as a butterfree flew in quickly with a fearful look in her eyes.
"Whoa, butterfree, what's wrong?"
"It's my son! A fissure opened up and he fell in! He's just a baby caterpie and can't crawl out on his own yet! Oh no...what do I do..."
"Cyrus...will you help me rescue Caterpie? Caterpie is only 2 and a half, half your age. He'd probably feel safer with you. And no worries, i'll keep you safe." Iván gave a soft smile to Cyrus, Cyrus didn't have anywhere to go anyway so he shyly nodded and followed Iván to Tiny woods.
Iván was true to his word, he kept Cyrus safe from harm but eventually a weedle popped up behind Cyrus, in a moment of fear Cyrus swung his club hitting the weedle away. Cyrus realized he used Bone club, and felt a hand on his head.
"Hey, not bad there kiddo. You and me can handle anything now." Iván smiled to Cyrus who felt his fear slowly leave him, Cyrus looked up at Iván.
" I wear a diaper...? I...I always wanted to wear them again, but my mama and papa got mad if I asked..." Iván's heart broke for the young cubone, but sadly Iván sighed.
"Right now, I only have a spare for me but after we get outta this cave, I can help you get some. Deal?"
"Um ok. Pinky promise?"
"Pinky...? Um..."
Cyrus held his paw out, realizing he had no pinky he looked at Iván.
"We hold paws and promise, or else you'll have to swallow a thousand rocks!"
Iván laughed a bit and smiled, Cyrus was silly but he agreed and they kept going. Eventually they found Caterpie and rushed over to him.
"Waaah...Mommy! Where's my mommy!" Cyrus walked over
"Hey, it's ok lil guy, we're here to rescue you. Your mommy asked us to, we'll take you to her ok?"
"O-ok!" caterpie clung onto Cyrus' back as Iván led the way back.
"Oh my baby! Thank you both so so much!" Butterfree hugged caterpie in tears, as caterpie nuzzled to butterfree, happy to be back.
"Ah it was nothing ma'am, we're just glad he'd safe." Iván smiled as Cyrus stool next to him, hiding himself a bit.
"Please, can I get your names?"
"Sure, I'm Iván, and this is my...Little brother of sorts." Iván tapped Cyrus' shoulder and smiled
" name is Cyrus, ma'am..."
"Aww, you're a bit of a shy one aren't you? Well Iván and Cyrus, thank you again."
"...So cool..." caterpie was staring at both with stars in his eyes, Cyrus and Iván found it a bit strange but smiled all the same, waving Butterfree and caterpie bye.
" I promised Cyrus...Um, what's with those eyes?"
"...Little brother...?"
"Ah yeah,'re younger, and I um...feel like being your brother...if you don't--" Iván felt Cyrus hug him, and Cyrus looked at him with tears but a smile.
"T-Thank you big budda! I pwomise to be good!"Iván picked Cyrus up and they started walking back
"So, since you really got nowhere to stay...We'll just crash at my place. Plus I got diapers stored there...among some other things you may just like~" Iván booped Cyrus' nose getting Cyrus to blush but giggle a bit. Cyrus wasn't sure why, but he felt maybe he'd be alright with Iván.

Team Bonefire Chapter 1 - The call.


When a boy named Cyrus hears voices and sees a light, he suddenly gets transported to the world of Pokémon where he meets a Cyndaquil. Join them as they become a found family and learn much about one other.

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