It Protects Whats Left of Me by RequiemBeatz

It Protects Whats Left of Me


4 March 2014 at 17:47:10 MST

the counterpart of my last pic! I thought a cool pic of beatz in that style would do nicely.

Art and Beatz © Requiembeatz

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    omg your new watermark ruins the artwork... might as well not post it at all if you want to deface your own art that much.

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      I've had theft problems, and I actually like it for certain pictures, I find it adds to some of them. I intentionally made it stylistic for that reason.

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        commissions are made without it for private use that watermark is just on anything public.

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          And for this reason I guess I will never end up commissioning you because I want my watchers to see my character... not a huge gaudy artist logo. Sad really.. and no the watermark doesn't add to the piece.

          BTW it still doesn't stop tracers and with enough time in photoshop, I could remove it. It's the same principles of DRM... it only stops the honest people and honest people aren't what you're worried about.

          Please please please reconsider this watermarking (something in the corner or at least 20% the size of the piece would be acceptable). I love your artwork and that's why it upsets me so much.

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            notice in the pictures of my character the watermark is over the center and in others it is offset to not cover the main point of the picture (ex. my vaporeon picture a couple posts later). This picture and the one before it are pictures of my fursonas and are intentionally supposed to revolve around my username (the character names are Requiem and Beatz), and for those two pieces the watermark is supposed to be pronounced, the opacity isn't even set as low. They are also the first pictures released to have this watermark, so in the first couple pictures I wanted to make them more obvious so people knew what to look for later on when I don't make it as bold. The belief in whether or not it adds to the piece is an opinion. an aesthetic taste. If I was to draw a character for someone else, I would not plaster my name across the front of them. That's ludicrous and I have more sense than that.

            as for tracers, I am mainly identified by my coloring style, so they can trace away, bugs me a little but I don't really care too much. Beside that point, you could say that about nearly every precaution taken for virtually anything. Just because someone CAN override a precaution doesn't mean you should dispose of it. Government takes the safety precaution of making murder and theft and substance abuse illegal, that doesn't prevent people from doing it, but keeps a lot of people from doing it carelessly and easily.

            and the watermark will become less noticeable over time, like I said I mainly made it bolder so people identify it from my old watermark, and am doing it on my personal art, during a time I am not accepting commissions.

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              Hopefully it will get better watermark wise. It is actually better to make a nearly invisible watermark so people can't see it. For instance, I'm on a promo music distribution system and they watermark the audio files but they don't tell you how and you can't notice it. But if they find the file elsewhere, they can track it directly to you. In your case, if you make a watermark that isn't that easily noticeable, someone won't go through the trouble to remove it so when they try to claim it as there's, the watermark can be pointed out by you then busted.

              If you were to ever consider selling prints that are watermark free (or have something small in the corner) I would have no qualms with giving you money to support your great art and get a piece without the watermark (and printed from a higher resolution I assume).

              Anyways, I apologize if I came off harsh. I just feel like a lot of furs stay quiet then talk behind each other's back. I just skip the middleman :p

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                It will get better. I'm never the one that finds the people stealing my art, its always my watchers, so they need to know what it looks like so they know what to look for when its more subtle. I don't explore the internet, so while I know my mark and could pick it out, my watchers wouldnt be able to if I made it a more stealthy watermark.

                And I dont really know how to make prints, where to go to have them made and such, but the original picture files that I keep on my laptop are watermark free and 480p (I try to go higher and SAI explodes) and my images usually end up 4080x5000 or so. Weasyl is so kind as to not reduce the size. Anything I make for other people is more subtle with a watermark because it also affects the commissioner if the art is stolen. Though I've had a case where my commissioner posted my art on his profile on inkbunny, removed my watermark, and posted it as his own. This is more rare though.

                This is what files normally are like in my possession , though this is a bad example because this is one of the picture meant to emphasize the watermark.

                Its alright, I just see this statement come from multiple people to multiple artists and I'm always on the artists side for the watermark (unless theyre being ridiculous and doing shit like putting full opacity marks over a commission). I much prefer people coming to the foreground as that gives me an opportunity to explain myself.

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    Wow! Look how pretty and talented this artwork is! It's really beautiful, and I can imagine the artist worked very hard on it, boy I'm sure glad that if someone tried to steal it and post it somewhere else I can use the watermark to know who the artist is so I can find him for more of his awesome art!