Unholy Ritual by ReptileCynrik

Unholy Ritual


5 May 2020 at 06:38:10 MDT


The story to this artwork is simple: A few dark mages are trying to perform an unholy ritual and our heroes Reptile and Kyle are trying to stop them.

The artwork itself was NOT simple... this is by far my most complex and time-consuming artwork of all times (and remember that I'm drawing Reptile since 1996)!
Why was it so difficult and what was my intention?

Well... I wanted to create

  • an artwork at night (more realistic night scene than before),
  • only a limited amount of special light sources (moonlight and magic spells),
  • characters shown at night with unusual colouring.

And that's really it... the COLOURING! Sure, the line art was cool and so on... but the entire project and scene lives from the colours.
And I love the final result!
Hopefully, you will enjoy it too.


Drawing media:
Pencils, ink, brush, COPICS, markers, coloured pencils, acrylics (no digital media except adding some contrast)

Working time:
5 days (about 30 hours)

All characters and artwork (c) Patrick Reichel 2020


Here you can watch a little video that shows the drawing process of this artwork!