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A desperate deal by ReptileCynrik

A desperate deal


5 May 2020 at 06:32:42 MDT

Well... here it is: my latest creation!

And after 23 years of drawing REPTILE... it is really difficult to draw something I am really satisfied and happy with.
I can say... I am really satisfied and happy how this turned out. It's been a long time since I had a "real" background... really... a background with lots of details and actually a real scenery or landscape.
Here is a little background story to the artwork you're just watching:

Katathrax: "What do you want?"
Reptile: "We desperately need your help, magnificent one. The lands of Aktes are being attacked by a new evil. The warlord Devon and his army are marching to battle!"
Katathrax: "Why should I concern myself with the wars of man?"
Reptile: "Please, o wise one, this threat concerns us all. If he destroys Aktes he won't just stop there... they will continue until everything and everyone is dead! I have seen it!"
Katathrax."I don't believe you. There have been countless wars and battles in the past centuries and they all came to an end. And we survived."
Reptile: "Not this one! Please... just hear me out. I also present a gift to you... to express our good faith and respect for you."
Katathrax: "Hmm... a very rare gem you've got there. I will listen to you."
Reptile: "Thank you, wise one. My father once told me about the Triangle of Balance... it is about you - the three great dragon lords. Thousands of years ago, the three most powerful dragon lords came together to lay foundation to a great plan. Bralborax, the Strong Minded... Zaldranax, Scale of Wisdom... and Katathrax, Elder of the Clouds. Together, they shape the Triangle of Balance which keeps all the magic in the world in harmony."
Katathrax: "Yes, of course. What of it?"
Reptile: "Well... Devon has already broken the harmony and the balance of magic by creating an army of undead. This unnatural creation must be stopped... or the balance will be broken and all magic... all life will vanish from this world!"
Katathrax: "You have a point. This would indeed break the balance of magic as we know it."
Reptile: "Will you help us to destroy the threat?"
Katathrax: "I will do much more... I will call for Bralborax and Zaldranax. Together, we shall unite against this new evil. The balance must not be destroyed!"
Reptile: "Words cannot express my gratitude... but... thank you!"

Pencils, ink, markers, COPICS, acrylics... and NO digital stuff!!!

about 20 hours

Characters and artwork © Patrick Reichel aka "Reptile Cynrik" 2019


The gem is a special and rare Cyronite crystal which enhances magical abilities. It's a very rare gem and should please the ancient dragon for they all really love rare and beautiful things.

The brooch Reptile is wearing is the official symbol of AKTES:

Line Art Version: