HaD: Main Titles/Village Raid by ReptileCynrik

HaD: Main Titles/Village Raid


25 February 2013 at 07:50:42 MST

Reptile – The Score

Volume VIII: “Heroes And Darkness”

Composed by Patrick Reichel

Track 01: “Main Titles / Village Raid”

Well, this has been some week. We have some construction workers outside who are currently reconstructing our road. Okay, but an “intelligent” one has accidentally cut (!) our telecommunication-cable… so what’s the deal? I’ve had NO internet, NO telephone and NO television in the last 6 days (because everything is connected to that one stupid cable)!!

So much about my rotten luck lately… but I was able to sit down and compose a new music track for you to enjoy! ^_^

This time I wanted it all!! A grand new track, over 5 minutes playtime and a whole classical orchestra. It took me about 6 days to compose this!

The new score is supposed to be more continous and “situational” in it’s purpose. I wanted to create a “Main Title” to the very first scene of a possible REPTILE MOVIE – not just a collection of themes and stuff.

This is what I had in mind, but you are free to “dream on” yourself. Anyway, reading this text and listening to the music at the same time might give you a good idea about what I had in mind:

It begins with the production company (just like “UNIVERSAL PICTURES”) and the main producers. Also, the director’s name would be visible. Everything is cloudy and dark, you can see only transparent, glowing titles.

Then – with a grand last accord and faster timpani – the title of the movie appears: “Reptile – Heroes And Darkness”.

Now, just like good old times, you can see the names of all the main actors. The main title theme is playing in the background. You can see the sun rising and the lands of AKTES are appearing from the dark.

In the next scene, the music is moderate and faster now, you can see a “camera flight” over AKTES and lots of villages and seas. A narrator would tell you about the main event and characters in the beginning (just like “The planet is called RULUS… under the guidance and leadership of King Kyle Primor… long fight with the Reptilians… now peace… bla, bla”). I still have to think about a cool introduction.

After the narrator stopped talking the “Rising Menace” theme is playing shortly, but it suddenly ends!

You are thrown into a battle scene: the barbarian hordes of the eastern lands are raiding a small village (just like you’ve seen in “King Arthur”). Brutal slaughter and raging is going on… people are killed, huts are burned.

But then, one heroic guy rises and tries to fight these intruders – but he’s killed in an instant. He can’t even perform one swing with his weapon and falls into the mud.

After the raid you can see the village… destroyed and burning. Nobody is alive and the raiders are leaving quickly.

The camera rises from this scene and there is a fade-out.

Finally, this is a fade-in, you can see RIVERSTONE – castle of King Kyle Primor and home to Reptile Cynrik. While the camera flies around the ivory walls of the castle, the orchestra rises to the final accords.

Enjoy the music and dream with me of a REPTILE MOVIE…! ^_^”

Media Used:

ALESIS USB-Keyboard, ABLETON LIVE 8.2, MIROSLAV Philharmonik

Working Time:

5 days

Song composed and performed by Patrick Reichel aka :iconreptilecynrik:

Submission Information

Multimedia / Original Music


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    Love the choir beginning. Very haunting! The rest is nice, too! Well done!

    • Link

      Thank you! ^^ That was my first song with the NEW composing media. ^___^

      And I like to dream about a movie scene while listening.... :3