HaD: Onslaught by ReptileCynrik

HaD: Onslaught


25 February 2013 at 07:24:48 MST

Reptile – The Score

Volume VIII: “Heroes And Darkness”

Composed by Patrick Reichel

Track 04: “Onslaught”

The next track… now we have some real action!

My brother loves the game "Assassin's Creed" and just recently he's bought the latest add-on called "Revelations".

In the middle of the game you have to prevent enemy troops from storming the city... and this is a part of the game called "Tower Defence".

Yes, you may know such games... just like "Orcs must die" or similar stuff.

Anyway, I loved the music from "Revelations" and my brother asked me if I could "cover" parts and cues of the soundtrack.

Since it's a big step to cover musical cues and themes, I've tried my best to emulate the original score AND to put some personal themes into it.

I love the result, 'cause it's over 2 minutes of pure action!

NOTE: I have played the game "Orcs must die" and added THIS track in the background. It sounded awesome and most fitting!

Media Used:

ALESIS USB-Keyboard, ABLETON LIVE 8.2, MIROSLAV Philharmonik

Working Time:

6 days

Song composed and performed by Patrick Reichel aka :iconreptilecynrik:

This song contains musical cues from: "Assassin's Creed Revelations - Tower Defence" composed by Jesper Kyd & Lorne Balfe © UBISOFT 2011

Submission Information

Multimedia / Original Music


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    Not bad at all! You're surprisingly good with your melodic ideas.

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      Thanks a lot for the comment! ^__^

      I have a lot of ideas, but... my media has never been really good. This is the most modern stuff (and expensive stuff) I got, but... it surely COULD sound more clean and... better! ^^"

      Well, I am no professional... this is just a hobby!

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        Yeah, the quality of the sounds could improve a little bit, indeed, but it's fine if one is on a very tight budget.

        Your melodies are certainly seeming to be more original than my own, though; more often than not, I spend a little bit of time changing my melodies, whether it's because it sounds too similar to something preexisting or just because it doesn't sound good to me. Still, your time frame does inspire me; I should probably spend more time on each of my own pieces.

        And you're welcome! ;)

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          Thanks again. ^^

          Oh, ya know... I've been composing all my life... even at the age of 13, I played stuff on my keyboards and recorded it with a MC-player!!!! With no line-in cable, just over the microphone hole... darn, that was the past. XD

          Oh, by the way... I've put all my Reptile-songs at my website:


          You can check this yourself, there are currently 8 (!) albums... ready to be downloaded.

          But here is one important fact:

          I am using the NEW sound media in this current album... all my past music has been created with a YAMAHA-PSR-1000 keyboard and you can hear... it's MIDI!

          Okay, I've also created some Mp3 files, but... these are no real sounds.

          Anyway, that's all I got in the past. ^^"

          About melodies... your works can also sound great even with less eleborate melodies! It's just a matter of mixing and changing! ^_____^

          And spending at least a LITTLE bit more time... well, might be helpful. But who knows, I always need a lot of time... some people don't.

          In the end:

          YOU do what YOU like! ^^

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            Wow! I spent much of my time just appreciating music, especially soundtracks, up until July 2009, when I wrote music for a YouTube video I since removed.

            Just took a look. It's a shame I don't understand German, but I'm still impressed!

            Thanks for the advice, by the way. I think I will try to spend more time, anyway; more often than not, I end up not being satisfied with the result of a piece for whatever reason with only an hour or two spent on it.

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    Now that I hear this again, I can say that the style reminds me a lot with the game of The Last Story. I really suggest you to hear them, some of them sounds epic like this ^ ^