HaD: Great Battle and The Plains of Aktes by ReptileCynrik

HaD: Great Battle and The Plains of Aktes


25 February 2013 at 07:19:22 MST

Reptile – The Score

Volume VIII: “Heroes And Darkness”

Composed by Patrick Reichel

Track 08: “Battle on the plains of Aktes”

This song should usher in a new era of my music compositions... for I've tried and found new ways to compose AND to enhance my music.

Many, many thanks to my friend Fenyn Darrah for giving me a lot of pointers, providing help and instructions to enhance my compositions and to increase the realism of my sounds. He has been a huge help and I can't thank him enough. Because of his tutorials I've entered a new level in my music... at least I'd like to think so.

About the song... it's a battle cue, which would narrate a huge clash of armies: the soldiers of Aktes against the Barbarian hordes! Once again, I'm trying to work with multiple voices, interludes and rising tensions until the whole orchestra and choir explodes in a clash of sound!!

Media Used:

ALESIS USB-Keyboard, ABLETON LIVE 8.2, MIROSLAV Philharmonik

Working Time:

about 5 days

Composed and performed by Patrick Reichel aka :iconreptilecynrik:


Please listen to the end of the song before writing anything... it's really worth it! My favourite part is at 4:10!



I suggest you download the track and enjoy the Mp3 from your computer. This usually sounds better than just listening it here directly... and you can keep it for later. ^^

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    VERY impressive soundtrack! Your sounds sound significantly more convincing this time around!

    So you spent five days working on this? Maybe I should spend longer than an hour or two with most of my own compositions, too.

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      THANK YOU, very much!! ^__^

      Yes, I've had help from a professional composer, who game me some pointers. THAT was really important, 'cause the sounds I'm working with are okay, but can still be improved. I finally have some tricks up my sleeve to change the sounds to make them more convincing.

      Furthermore... as you can see/listen, I'm more the "classical" type. Though I love listening to all kinds of METAL and even some ELECTRO stuff, I still prefer classical compositions. ^^"

      At least... I prefer this when it comes to soundtracks. Just take John Williams... the grand master of filmmusic, aaaaaw! ^___^ He's one of the best!

      Thanks again.

      I guess, we both can learn from each other over this wesites. ^^

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        *this website.

        Darn typos!

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          It's fine. XD

          As for the rest of the response, so you got some advice from a professional? Lucky! I had to teach myself. :P

          I already can sense you're a classical specialist. XD My catalog isn't a complete representation of what I can write, though: I also wrote the music for an Amnesia mod called Amnesia: The Great Work. Will probably upload a piece or two here just for the sake of something different.

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            We're all still learning. ^__^ For all out lives.

            Just don't give up, you'll do great!!!!

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    Oh man, this one is awesome ^ ^ I remember that I liked the part when you add the chore which increase more the intensity of a battle subject :D I really love it!

    Clearly this reveal that you like the movie soundtrack XD

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      Hehehehe... thanks for the comment! ^^

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    As has been said, the orchestral sounds sound well done and convincing. Film soundtrack, fantasy battle march kinda mood is conveyed well, I could imagine hearing this in a movie and it fitting such a scene

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      Hey, thanks a lot for the comment!! :-) I'm glad you like it and I always appreciate comments about my musical compositions. ^____^