Reptilian Athlete by ReptileCynrik

Reptilian Athlete


24 February 2013 at 02:04:17 MST

What do you know… a new “Reptile-poser" artwork! ^_^

But this isn’t just any Reptilian poser… this is “Reptile Cynrik” - the new Reptilian athlete! And he’s posing just for you. This time, he’s looking more… natural and realistic than ever before. I like the body build, but I don’t think that I’d draw him much stronger. In any case, this is his current design, which I’m going to use in 2013!

Usually, I don’t like my “poser artworks” very much… because they don’t tell a lot of stories and there isn’t much happening. At least, this counts for my poser artworks… they are mostly very simple and less complex. In THIS case, I wanted the poser artwork to be something… MORE! So I’ve decided to use a very laborious digital art style… and I think it’ll pay off.

I’d like to wish you a great and successful new year and all the best for 2013!

Take care and be well

  • Patrick ^_^

Media used:

MEDION tablet and PHOTOSHOP 7.0.1 (and my “enhanced digital cover art style”)

Working time:

about 10 hours

"Reptile Cynrik" © Patrick Reichel 2012 aka :iconreptilecynrik:


Yes, this is the same towel as used on my other “poser” artworks before! I reappearing details in my artworks.

And the red speedo belongs to :icondjdarkfox:, hehehehe… Reptile borrowed this from his good friend DJ, the white arctic muscle fox! ^_^”


* There is NO "alternate" version of this and there won't be any!!

** Look how much Reptile has trained since this artwork:

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    Nice to see you joined, too! :) You already know my thoughts on this artwork. ;)