Reptile Cynrik 2015 Traditional by ReptileCynrik

Reptile Cynrik 2015 Traditional


6 August 2015 at 05:59:49 MDT

Right now, I'm back into drawing my main character with traditional media. And looking back at my last character sheet... I thought: Wow, I have never drawn a character sheet with traditional media - scales inclusive!!

So, here I present to you my (more or less) ultimate character sheet of my main character Reptile Cynrik!
Or if you prefer the whole name: Daenok "Reptile" Cynrik!

This sheet shows the most important aspects about my character... his appearance, his body structure, the body proportions, the scale texture of his skin, his main battle armor and weapon. I also threw in some detail shots such as the hand, foot or eye.

It's been huge fun doing this sheet... and it is ALL traditional (except for the title and the "Dragonclaw" weapon).

Drawing media:
Pencils, ink, markers, Copics, acrylics and brush (no digital media, except for the title and "Dragonclaw")

Working time:
about 13 hours

Character and artwork (c) Patrick Reichel aka "Reptilecynrik" 2015

His genital sheet didn't change. This here is the current design:

The previous character sheet is still valid:


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    more shiny abs :D

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    I have been trying to use your art as a study tool to help my own art. I love what you do, Pat <3 Don't ever stop drawing, you've been inspiring me for years without trying :)

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      Sorry for the late reply! ^^"
      THANK YOU very much for the comment and I'm glad you can use my art for help and reference or inspiration.
      Of course, I won't ever stop!