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Update 2015 by repsychus

Update 2015


Ladies and Gentlemen, I am STILL ALIVE. It has been a long, rocky road to independence. I am still not quite there, but I am learning this whole adulthood thing as I go. I have my own apartment, as you can see above. A room that started as a spider-infested crawl space covered in cat-piss carpet and dust has now become a comfortable haven for myself (and, God willing, my older sister). I turned an unspeakable horror into a bathroom - with Van Gogh shower curtain! OMG! And I finally - FINALLY - have a studio of my own. My previous set up atop a set of boxes in the living room was not conducive to ahem arting...

I have sunk over $3,000 into this transformation. Thus far, my INCREDIBLY GENEROUS ROOMMATE JOANNE (all hail the Coffee Goddess) has allowed me to stay here with paying minimal rent. In return, I cook and clean and try not to be a burden. Seriously, this woman is....well, she's better to me than anyone I've ever met.

I have managed to stay out of the hospital for the most part in the last several months. I am still very sick, still very weak, and just now recovering from an infection. I hope that in time I'll get the hang of this sleep schedule thing. In the meantime, expect sporadic updates.

In short, my loyal and undeserved fans, I am alive. I hope to see more of you in future.

~ Psy

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    Excuse me while I just ROLL AROUND IN YOUR BED AH YES.

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      Oh, my dearest, you are welcome to roll on my bed any time. eyebrow wiggle

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    Everything looks great - well done!

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      FWEND!!! glomp I missed you.

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        Eep! <3 Looking forward to seeing you again!