Beginner's Lessons by reogold

Beginner's Lessons

Lesson 1

Dale looked over the students gathered in the dojo. He smiled. The first lesson I start outwith any beginners is more philosophical. We are here to learn how to peaceable eat each other whole. While many may ask why it is necessary. Consider how the violence is weighing on the world. What we teach here is the loving kind way of regarding each other. Now, give each other a hug. They looked at each other awkwardly. The dragon Devin once met a group of furs on his way moving from one dojo to another. He passed on by them. But they recognized him as that dragon that ate others. They kicked scorn on them but did he eat them. No. He just passed on by. They reluctantly hugged each other as Dale asked.

Lesson 2

For the Second lesson, I will insist since we are all adults here that you keep it down for guys and keep it dry for the ladies as best as you can. Being turned on is an indulgence and Devon himself never could discount it but he brought it under the greatest control. He was tempted one time. He found himself in a village in the state. He saw a group of furs an scales and a few humans. One dragoness took a liking to him immediately. She tried again and again to entice him to have sex with her before he ate her. He was going to but kept his mind focused and refused. I dont mean for you to be pruddish but please keep it in check.

Lesson 3

Dale gathered his beginners group closer together and they sat around in a circle. Now. The basic philosophies are out of the way and more philosophies will come to us as we go along in your lessons. First, we will learn about attuning the chakras and then work with them one by one. Then we will practice subduing prey by preds. Finally, we will put that to work to the entire vore art. First, close your eyes and breath. Focus on all points of your body and relax them bit by bit starting either with your feet or footpaws and going up to the hairs on your head. He became silent and all was quiet enough to hear anything for a ways outside. The breathing became steady and sure from all of them.

Lesson 4

Let's do a practical lesson now. The first thing I like to start out from beginner student to the most adapt is mouth feel. But first before that, we need to cover getting specific chakras into focus. You will need to focus on your third eye and your throat chakras and picture them clearly in your mind. Then with breathing and focus, you make them expand and contract in your mind. This allows you to focus enough energy through your chakras to cause them to expand and let you take in your prey. Now, let's just keep focusing like we did for breathing exercises but you can spread out a bit. They did that and got down to breathing and then focused each on their throat and third eye chakras. One by one dale noticed them expaning and contracting their chakras and their throats billowed out each respectively.

Lesson 5

You are ready to take the next step. I hope you all have been practicing the meditation that I gave you. Your throat and your mouth and head, can then shift sizes. They all exchanged a glance and some smiles. Right. Now, before we take up partners and go for real and live, we will need to have a session or two with pads and dummies. They all lined up in a row and they were given a fake padded arm. Now, expand your mouth and put the paw inside. They eventually were able to do this expanding their heads and mouths. Alright, now we are going to do the head. They each got a dummy head either of furry creature from stag to cat or a human head and were soon able to fit that completely in their mouth.

Beginner's Lessons


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