6 fat fur twitteratures by reogold


Reogold shied away glancing at the tubby pronghorn on the train he was sitting across from. In his mind he thought of running his paws up and down the chubby belly. The hugs. The snuzzling cuddles. He had a moment of happy bliss but only that. #fat #furry #story #pronghorn


Kacy brought the piece of cake to her snout and stuffed it followed by a belch. She gave her sizable antelope belly a rub and grab, feeling how tauntly full it felt. Her plate was clear. She just finished dessert. She waved at the camera that was recording her. #fat #furry #story


Fridrika the vicuna sat at the cafe trying to look at the mustang's huge gut at another table. Then when he finished his meal, the stallion put a hoof to his belly. He saw her looking. She gave a grin and he grinned too. He came over to sit with her. #far #furry #story #vicuna


Placido stood with the group of fellow fat furs. He put his paws aside his prodigious woverine gut. His fellow contestants had some bigger or smaller guts. The budgerigar had the largest feathery one. He asked the bird if he could rub it. Yes. #fat #furry #story #wolverine


Marilou walked down the street, her round belly tant in her dress. She turned heads but for the wrong reasons she knew. The okapi could see some did consider her seriously for her looks. To one such stallion she smiled. She would have to get his number. #fat #furry #okapi


The whale's belly poured out. Beorhtsige didn't care about displaying his round saggy abdomen on the beach. Reogold stole as many glances as he could. He was happy in his decision to visit this country. He wondered which way the whale swung. #fat #furry #story #whale #belly

6 fat fur twitteratures


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