inspector gadget sketch dump by RenonVesir

inspector gadget sketch dump


9 September 2014 at 20:52:45 MDT

So I was clicking around on youtube the other day and came across someone attempting to play a shitty Inspector Gadget SNES game and it clicked in my head that the cartoon never really got a reboot. I’m excluding the movie because it deserves to be excluded.

Cue me being a dumb idiot and then drawing a bunch of concept art-ish headcanon-y garbage.

It’s kind of sad though because Penny could actually be pretty cool, you have a smart girl that could easily be updated into a hacker/robotics genius that solves crime because she ALREADY DID EVERYTHING BEFORE and why the hell not?

Also I made Brain into a dog. Just a dog. You know. Fluffy, cute, licks own butt. Dog.

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    Lol…at least Brain is just a dog

    I love your idea of Penny because she's the one of the best female character in cartoon and one of my favorites, I just feels she's intelligent than most children her age.

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      Penny was definitely the real hero of the show! (and Brain.) It's a concept that could easily work with some modernizing. I'd watch the crap out of a reboot.

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    Blast from the past and better

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      Heheh, thank you. I had too much fun on these.

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    Doooog. I did used to watch Inspecter Gadget.

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      I think everyone did, it didn't come off the air until somewhere in the '90s despite having like, three seasons worth of episodes.

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        I hate when they take something down when it's unfinished.

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          After looking at Wikipedia like a huge nerd, holy crap. Show went on for only three seasons, and was made in like.. '83. Dang. Cartoon is 30 years old.

          Gonna drive my rascal down to the park and yell at the kids.