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Care to join me? by RenonVesir

Care to join me?


2 August 2014 at 19:05:20 MDT

Finished the picture of my snakebutt. This is my naga OC, Iaskel. He’s a spoiled little prince sort of guy.

Have some issues with his head/face but well. x_x

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    -coughs and raises hand- I'll join dang.

    Lmao in all seriousness I really love nagas and hes gorgeous. I really love the pattern/texture on his snakehalf.

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      Haha, thank you! Don't let him hear you, though.. he is already insufferably vain =3

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    sob it's so weird to type - but his body looks so nice and smooth...

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    oh man, he's a pretty. such a pretty. and i bet he knows it too XD

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      He is an arrogant little snot, he knows it... but he doesn't mind people telling him again :x

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    He's so arrogant and so picky and spoiled but he has to take care of Willow or he won't have shit to eat. :d

    You did a really good job on this. Seriously. I love the atmosphere of it. He looks so relaxed yet smug about it. Also, rarely at peace with the situation. You made his body look really smooth and nice without overdoing it on the muscles (which I have issues with). You're so good at art. ;-;

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      Yeah I got real finicky on the abs- like, he's supposed to be a little built, but not like a powerhouse. He's in shape purely because he wants to look good, the little shit.

      I am glad I captured his total turd personality gaaah thank you <3 Poor willow...

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    Haha Oh I love dem spoiled princes. They're fun to play with LOL. I love his expression and your coloring is friggen amazing!