let sleeping spiders lie by RenonVesir

let sleeping spiders lie


10 April 2014 at 01:51:50 MDT

Tomas is one of my OCs and he is a spider-demon-shapeshifter-thing.

His monster form is kind of big and doofy. Also he drools.

Just a fun, messy little drawing. :3

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    Baaaaw. Sleepy monster face. I like that you decided to leave it more messy instead, it honestly looks better that way I think. I don't think you would've finished it if you inked it. XD

    Sreepy spiderp.

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      Sometimes you have too leave them sketchy. He is such a goober. :3

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    i got an armless we baby of a spider man meself X//d spider mixes are horribly cute

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    Whooaaa I thought I commented but I don't see a butt-stache here so I will comment! A drooling arachnid-boy. Tch so adorable. And he has a teddy-monster.
    I love the demonic look to his spider body. It fits his description very well. I also love how you drew his legs all curled up there. It makes me not dislike spiders so much.

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      Yeaaah I like to take characters that should be gross or scary and make them.. I don't know, ridiculous. I should really do a character write-up for him because.. reasons.

      Haha, I guess I could argue he's not really much of a spider.. more of a demon that resembles a spider?

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        You should! Character write ups add depth to the character, I think. Also I'd love to learn more about Tomas. He's utterly adorable.

        Sure! That kind of reminds me of an anime character I liked too... demon spider. I dunno, something about that makes Tomas seem more badass for some reason. LOL

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          I did a little write-up for the race in general but not for Tomas in particular. I really do need to get on that.

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            You do!! I look forward to reading iiitttttt!!!