Cursed Night by Renoko

Cursed Night


9 June 2016 at 19:05:55 MDT

Legends tell of Relvanaru a temple with treasure that holds power beyond your wildest dreams, riches as far as the eye can see. However any adventurer who travels there never comes back. After a century with no adventurer brave nor foolish enough to go there it became a cursed land of legend.
Renoko; a warrior of the Khen'trel tribe, wanted to be remembered as a warrior of legend who conquered the cursed land that no one dares tread on. Weeks of travel through the jungles lead him to the temple, surprisingly it was an easy trek with the occasional beast. When night fell as he was camped outside the temple echos of nightmarish creatures and horrors came closer and closer. However they weren't coming from the temple but the jungles away from it. Almost as if they were guiding him towards the temple,
"perhaps this is how no one came back? I must not let my fate be there's" He tried to assure himself. Tying a sunrod into a necklace he struck it against a rock and put it around his neck. Drawing his daggers he crept into the jungle trying to break through the horde. Not even past the treeline however his plan completely destroyed. The sheer sight of the hundreds of glowing eyes and silhouettes closing in on him chilled him to the bone. In that moment he flew as fast as he could toward the temple, as he was flying towards he noticed flying creatures all around in the skies. Rushing for an entrance, he found one near the ground. He looked around for a way to seal off the entrance, there was a large engraved stone door inviting him further in. Pushing through the doors; they were surprisingly light, he was met with a giant room with moonlight reflecting in from the corners. With no time to marvel at it he quickly searched for some way to lock the doors however as if answering to him the doors closed by themselves. Trying to open the doors they wouldn't even budge an inch no matter how much strength he used.
"I'm safe for now however there's no telling if the horrors are worse in here or if I can even get out." He mumbled to himself trying to regain some composure. The room was huge with pictures of creatures coming into the temple. wolfmen, dragonpeople, many combinations of species. What was strange however was he swore he saw Patreganas the legendary wolven adventurer who first went missing, some say he slew a thousand demons just to get here. What freaked Renoko the most however was that the next picture showed an engraving that looked very very similar to him entering the temple. The next pictures however were too faded and destroyed to make out but one thing he did see was a band of pure gold and filled with strange engravings in a language he did not understand.
There were a bunch of tombs around the room and a stairway heading up. His belly growled loudly as a pang of hunger hit him, one thing was for sure he needed to find some form of food and water. Scouring the bottom floor he found a clear watery pool in the middle of the room shimmering with the reflection of the moon. He decided to try his luck upstairs as the hunger gnawed at him, noticing on the walls a picture of him standing above a village as if he were a warlord. A grand doorway stood before him gilded in gold, pushing on the doors they gave way with ease.
What he saw was another giant room however half of the room was columns letting in the midnight sky in. Fear of the flying creatures came to mind however they were far off in the distance as if avoiding the temple. A long red carpet started from the door and led to a stone pedestal on the far side of the room. Around the sides of the room was food freshly made and smelling of pure bliss. Approaching the food he tried to pick up a roast chicken but his hand just went straight through it as if his mind was playing tricks on him.
The hunger just gnawed at him, sending sharp pains through his body, it felt like he hadn't eaten in weeks. Not caring if it was even the grass on the ground, anything would do as long as it was edible. The food suddenly disappeared as if the illusion broke in his mind, being replaced with piles of gold and gems.
"I can ease your pain." A ghastly whisper echo'ed into his head. As if beckoning him towards it the band on the pedestal started to shine. Not trusting completely what was spoken to him, he tried to go through the gaps in the columns. Trying to walk straight through the gap he very suddenly hit a wall snout first, apparently there was a barrier around the temple not letting him free. This was the end he was going to starve to death in a cursed temple all for glory and fame.
"Wear me and you shall have the power to break free." Another whisper echo'ed into his head. As if he had no choice but to die in here, he took the band, unlatching it, and putting it around his neck. "Finally as the prophecy has foretold after nearly a thousand years of waiting, The champion of Relvanaru has come!" A very deep Draconic voice yelled out.
"Now then a feast worthy of a god is in order, Rejoice for you are no mere soldier any longer!" Completely dumbfounded and a feeling of warmth spreading throughout his body, he tried to make sense of what was happening. Instantaneously what looked like strands of purple were pouring out of the band. The purple haze was forming into hands as they grabbed hold of his ankles. Trying to pull them off his hands just went through them as if they weren't even there. Then trying to take off the band, he reached behind and didn't find a latch as if it was bound to him.
More purple came out of the band as this time purple spirits came out with glowing orange eyes. Seeing these creatures only told of in stories his mind had enough of this and just couldn't take it anymore so it stopped trying to understand what was happening. Renoko accepted whatever fate this cursed temple had in store for him. "Let the Feast begin! I think your going to like this part a lot champion!" As if on cue the ghosts conjured various foods some of which he had never seen before, One ghost picked up a chicken, and held it out while the other spirit took pieces out of it and put it in front of my face.
I opened my maw and it was shoved in, It tasted like a roast chicken just cut off the body. It was pure bliss and at least I wouldn't starve. What was worrying though was that no matter how much I tried to force my maw closed it wouldn't budge an inch.
The ghost pushed another piece in as if he wanted me to swallow them whole. This continued on for a while it was a little tough at first but I discovered that it was as if I could stretch to swallow it. It became as easy as drinking water however what was worrying was how much my stomach could take. Looking down I noticed my gut was the size of a watermelon at this point and yet it didn't feel strained or even hurt. Not only did it not hurt but it was starting to feel more like pure bliss as if I was in a stupor I didn't think about my situation only enjoyed it and it didn't seem like there was an end in sight.
The flow of food kept going up as if they were testing my limits. but my belly just kept getting larger, churning and gurgling in a harmony of sounds and warmth. As I watched this all unfold and my belly reached the size of my own self my eyes dropped and I felt myself fall asleep. Food still traveling into my maw as unconciousness slowly took over, dreams of my belly expanding into the temple enjoying the feeling of it expanding over the stones.

Need to figure out how to write this better and more structured.
Writing after being up for 30 hours may have been a bad idea XD
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