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10 May 2014 at 18:13:55 MDT

Some sketches of my rp characters Gin, Davey and Ziggy. They're all in the same rp with my friend but they live much different lives. The world is sort of a semi-modern fantasy/dark sort of setting. There's people, vampires, werewolves, demons, monsters etc... and also human/animal hybrids of all types (anthro, mostly human, centaur types, satyrs etc...) and craaazy shit! One of my other characters is just a dude with four arms.

Anyway...so Gin is a country boy...aardvark hybrid of sorts (his brother is more on the anthro side). He's a major slut and very gay and cheats on just about every boyfriend he has and he has more than a few! From country to city, he's spreading his "love" wherever he can and doesn't even feel a lick'a guilt for it. He's very selfish and stubborn and is often upsetting his older brother, Buck, by stealing his truck and sleeping around with men, knowing full well their parents would not approve of that in the least. Buck is a little more accepting than his parents, but he is still a very brutish redneck type and he doesn't like the idea of his little brother getting himself into serious trouble with his sinful ways...and he carries a shotgun!

Davey was killed by a lake monster and brought back to life by a witch using other people's bones. As a result he turned out being quite disproportionate with large, bony hands, small feet and a pigeon-toed stance...not to mention lacking in the manhood department, which he claims was not true before.

Ziggy is a wanna-be rockstar who had great potential until he he fell on drugs and alcohol during hard times and never got up. Eventually, in his old age, he managed to quit most of the hard stuff, but still struggles with the fact that he missed his chance to become famous for his music. He got a slight break when a bad event turned beneficial...during an attempted raid on legendary rocker Johnny Sane's tour bus (an idea of Ziggy's druggie friend) with the plan to sell off the stolen gear, they were caught red handed. Feeling guilty for the attempt, and his friend having injured one of Johnny's roadies badly, Ziggy offered to take his place and work off the damage. Somewhere along the way, Johnny and Ziggy ended up bonding and became lovers. No longer concerned with making it big in the music industry, Ziggy just lives happily with Johnny in his large home...with the exception of some couple's drama.

Hooray WAY more information than was necessary for this shitty little sketch. Enjoy anyway!

All three characters belong to me (as well as Buck)...

Johnny Sane is captaintango's character...

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