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Foam Fursuit Head WIP - [Atlas] by Renashe

Foam Fursuit Head WIP - [Atlas]


So Saturday morning around 8:30AM, I dragged poor uroraeus out of bed and INSISTED that we immediately dash to JoAnne Fabrics and stock up on foam. I think it was my inner artistic muse driving me because they had a 60% OFF sale, that was ending THAT VERY DAY! I had no idea! I just wanted to start on fursuit heads! This head took the entire day, and I still have much more work to do (particularly around the eyes, but I am waiting to make the actual eyeballs before proceeding), but I am very pleased with this beginning.

Here is my process for starting a fursuit foam head.
The wearer and future owner of this costume is rawrby, also known as Atlas the Cat/Insect Hyrbid.
This fursuit will have a moving jaw, as will all of my fursuits.
This will be accomplished by separating the lower jaw and reinstalling as a moving, mechanical piece.

I plan on updating with lots of WIP images, because when I made my first fursuit last year, these kinds of photos were incredibly helpful to me.
I hope I can help someone else with their suit-making! Feel free to note me for any questions or guidance that you may need.

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