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Patreon announcement! by Renamonpaws

Patreon announcement!



Okay so I’ve been wrestling with this for a while now, weather I should go back to a NSFW patreon or not… well I’ve made a decision. I’m making it nsfw again, why again? because I’ve been creatively bankrupting myself and it shows, for all the work I’ve been putting out. its not a lot. Trying to split up all the work I do into two or three sometimes 4 catagories and keeping track of that is extremely hard not even to consider managing around five to six different site accounts on profiles. That takes up precious time I could be using to stream or just draw and premium content for other stuff. So now all the premium stuff is gonna go onto the patreon and the other site will get varying forms of content depending on how much I can post on them.

Now this has been really long winded but I just wanted to get this out there, for all the people that actually care for my art and random stuff.

Now too all the people that favorite my art on here, I;m sorry im super slow, no really im super slow... I shouldnt forget this site especially since I have a friend on here that super nice. Time for me to not be lazy...

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    I'm always happy whenever you post anything here...or just visit. :)

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      I'm so sorry i've been gone kei, I miss looking at your art and getting your comments, and commenting on your art. I hope your doing well and all, im gonna make a more conscious effort to do more art for this site and be more "present". since I have a tendency to disappear...

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        It's just kind of happens. Talking to people and looking at art is the only thing keeping me from being a sobbing mess right now. :)

        I always appreciate when you post or comment...and very much appreciate when you look at my art! Thank you so much! :D

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          Yeah thats very true, life has a way of just happening. We just gotta keep moving and not let the bad hurt us to much.

          I also appreciate the comments you post as well~ :D

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            Yep! :)

            Yaaaaaay! :D