Video - Gnar Days 2013 by ReiVagan

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Video - Gnar Days 2013


14 December 2013 at 18:37:44 MST

A love of labor. Gnar Days follows a few of us furs around for the downhill part of the year. Antics, and Calamity follow suit, sprinkled lovingly with a retro video game theme.

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    This is awesome, love the little video game bits. Only been skiing once myself. Was fun, but I was terrible, need more practice.

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      I try to tell people who have only been once or twice that the rental / borrowed gear probably had a lot to do with a poor experience, though there's little that can be done about that short of purchasing fitted gear and hoping that the investment was worth it. The real trick to getting into this sort of stuff is to have buddies that are either also interested in learning, or who already have the experience to teach you. Lessons also go a long way to making the sport worth it. :)

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        I bet having fitting equipment would make a big difference. But the chances I have for getting to ski again are slim. I'm down in the middle of TX, so there isn't any ski spots anywhere nearby. Have to go into New Mexico for the closest ski slopes, I think. That's where I had the one experience. We only get one day of snow a year out here, if we are lucky. So snow equipment isn't high on the list of things to purchases. :)

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          Well, if you're ever up here, I'll take you. :)

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            That would be awesome. Heard lots of nice things about Canada, I don't get to take trips out of state often enough. Plenty of vacation with the job, but no money to get anywhere. The usual story. But I'll take you up on that if I'm ever luck out and am in the area during the season.