DSV Nautica: Anathema (Teaser Trailer) by ReiVagan

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DSV Nautica: Anathema (Teaser Trailer)


4 January 2016 at 01:33:18 MST

For some time I've been thinking about continuing DSV Nautica in some form beyond the comic series. Paperback felt good, but not enough. I've always been interested in game development, though I've never really had the time to learn the programming for it. I've reached a point where I'm ready to push myself and the Nautica series to the next level, and the result will be Anathema...

The project is still in development (though the story is solid). I'm gathering a team to make it a reality. Proof of concept seemed like a good place to start. If I could do this teaser, and if it seemed interesting to you, then it's a good start. From here, it's a matter of generating interest in the project (so please share the video if you have a moment).

Crowd funding seems like the best route to providing you with new content on an episodic basis, while still putting food on the table, though a pay structure is still something that's also in consideration. Depending on what you want, Anathema could be as simple as an animated episodic "let's play" series, or it could be a full fledged RPG.

I'm excited to finally be back on track with Nautica. I'm looking forward to your feedback. What would you want to see come from this? I want to provide you with the kind of entertainment that best suits your wants, and fulfills my desire to entertain. I hope this taste is enough to whet your appetite. Thanks for watching!

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    This looks absolutely badass.

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    Really interesting concept! What kind of gameplay will we be looking at? Turn-based RPG? Zelda-like? :'3

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      Classic Final Fantasy style. Turn based RPG.

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        Nice! I have to say, the trailer is really well done. Love the transition between animation and sprite-based cutscene - can we expect more of that in-game?

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    Certainly looks interesting!

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    This looks promising. I'd like to see more.