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on 22 June 2018 at 16:46:22 MDT

So... I'm currently working on plans that I hope to enact next month. Plans to make my writing career a possibility where other attempts have failed.

I plan on making it an actual job. One that's irrefutably a job that I can be proud of, and will be seen as a job in the eyes of those where it'll matter. I'll be putting down money on this, and if that doesn't get the message across, I literally won't have any hope of having a serious job until I'm able to move. This is pretty much me going into "last resort" territory.

It'll start with putting down money on a new domain to make a brand that I can put my name under. I already have my own website, and a server hosting it, so I won't have to worry about that part to start out with. What I will have to worry about is getting my new domain set up with receiving email for things like commissions and sales, which I'll have to do manually. I'll also be setting up a blog specifically for the works I produce through this brand. Something I can use with the domain name.

I'd also like to upgrade my website's hosting plan if possible, but that'll come later.

I'll also be working on logos, art, and other things to go with this brand, and... I might go a bit farther. Not sure yet.

That's all I'll say for now, but I'm really hoping to make this work. It just sucks that the factors for it to work are completely outside of my control right now. But, if I don't take a risk, I won't have a chance.

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