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[Commission] It's gettin' hot in here! by ReigneWolvenshire

[Commission] It's gettin' hot in here!


17 February 2014 at 21:30:38 MST

so take off all your-- shot

Commissioner:   devmon52
Commission Type: Line Art
Additions: none
Details: Devmon himself turning into a demon :D
Work Time: ~1-2 hours
Total price: $10
Paid: yes
Artist Comments: I kinda like the pose and the concept of the shredding clothes. The hand on the left was giving me quite a bit of trouble but it worked out okay. The hair is getting longer and body shaping up and even a bit of facial reconstruction. I originally imagined a circle at the feet and runes along the body, with some lines indicating energy billowing out from below. Not sure what happened with that-- I forgot I guess and my head is killin' me today so I don't have any more patience to go back and adjust. But it's still a fun piece! ^^ Oh and I LOVE the belly <3