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[Screenshot] Dusky Wolfess @ Canine Cove by ReigneWolvenshire

[Screenshot] Dusky Wolfess @ Canine Cove


17 February 2014 at 21:29:39 MST

More of myself on Second Life, this time at a beautiful place called Canine Cove. This is one of sixty five-- yes, SIXTY FIVE-- screenshots I took over the period of probably an hour or two. I felt pretty caught up in the scenery. I tried to at least get good poses where I wasn't really clipping through anything, so it looks more like a painting than screenshots off of Second Life. They have an area with buildings I didn't take screenshots next to, nor any of the more man-made looking stuff 'cause I was going more for nature scenery. It's just gorgeous there. You can see the rest of the album here. No comments or ratings on imgur, please. It's for viewing only. And if anyone thinks I should upload another pic or two from the album, lemme know and I'll consider it! :3

I personally prefer the ones with the waterfall-- that thing is amazing and I just love rich greens and browns. I wish I had land and funds to have my own place!

Edit: Oh SHIT -.- I forgot to turn off color under cursor (that's the text you see). I have SIXTY FIVE images I'd have to edit. Ah screw it.