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ThranduilxLegolas simple Sketch by Rei_EternalDraw

ThranduilxLegolas simple Sketch


29 November 2014 at 17:00:20 MST

Uhm Heyyyy guys x3
Thats the sketch to my REALlY FIRST fanart I made and of course~ the faanart from the best pair ever >////< The two are so fucking cute together,there made for together! Legolas is Thranduils most precious jewel and he loves him,protect him,nothing is more important to him.
And Legolas feels the same way,Im sure v///v He really loves his ada <3
Thats my point of view about them v.v
In my mind they are the cutest pair in the world,even if they`re father and son .I love them <3 (Thranduil most,i love the great Elvenking *Q* they two together is like you combined hotter and the hottest ,so you got......DAMN hot >///< )
Whatever x3
I should stop be a fucking fangirl i know vov
So,like I said,this is a simple sketch of the real fanart,just to give you guys a little taste
I hope you like it and.....i REALLY do hope you like it >///<
In the future,i will made more ThranduilxLegolas fanarts.for you.and for myself x//3
See ya :3

PS:Sorry for my really bad english,I`m german and dumb xD


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    Please make lots of Thranduil x Legolas stuff! It is one of my favorite ships and your drawing style is fantastic!