Jinx the Punk Impmon by ReidoRaichu

Jinx the Punk Impmon


2 June 2015 at 07:45:54 MDT

This guy is my new Impmon character by the name of Jinx. Jinx is a tricky and smug fellow. He is cocky and arrogant to a fault and has a bit of a Napoleon Complex (he is only 3 feet tall) Not to mention exceptionally pervy.

To counteract that he has his own special brand of data magic where he can modify his body to any size he wants. mainly he makes his feet bigger as well as his junk and makes himself fatter too. He is still learning how to control height which is a bit trickier. and of course if he wants he can make others bigger too if he like's them

Likes: smoking lazing, big guys and big feet, other digimon, scarey stories, magic, and pasta (his favorite meal)

Dislikes: people who act more confident and cocky than him. small guys, being made fun of his short size, pop music, and spicy foods.

Anyway enjoy my new character, and if you have any idea for pics you would like me to draw...or wanna draw a pic of him...let me know I'm all ears XD

Jinx the Impmon (c) reidoraichu


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    Very badass design ^^ Great colors too!

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      well im not too happy with the colors. im gonna brighten them up a bit and change the background so it pops out a bit more

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    The control of his body is main?..YES! X3.. Great job btw :P