Digivolve to DarkAgunimon by ReidoRaichu

Digivolve to DarkAgunimon


26 April 2015 at 19:49:17 MDT

So a while back i made myself a digimon sona A Rookie Virus type called ShadowFlamemon

I really like this fellow cause it means endless opportunities for him to get himself into different weight gain/muscle/other scenarios and shenanigans.

Then one day one of my buddies wondered about what he would look like digivolved. and since the champion level form for Flamemon is Agunimon...I thought I would create my own version. So here we have it DarkAgunimon Reido. I gotta say i really love the design of this guy. Too way longer to draw this than it should have but I'm super happy with the results and i hope you all will be as well ^^

NSFW Nude version

Anyway Enjoy Guys~

Reido the DarkAgunimon (c) ReidoRaichu