Anubis Bro Hugs by ReidoRaichu

Anubis Bro Hugs


26 April 2015 at 17:38:42 MDT

So a month or so back my buddy and bro Lodoss12 Lodoss12 was talking to me about some stuff involving his Jackal character Bidziil and i had mentioned how awesome he was in design. So he and i talked for a bit and drew up some sketches. And then he had the very awesome BigWolf draw the pic it for us (which means you may soon see it in his comic as well) Anyway Meet Bakari, Bidziils Bigger and fatter Bro.

Bakari is a very sweet guy and very protective of his friends and family and always offering advice and counseling to those who feel down or just need a hug ^^. he is also a bit of a shaman and can use some of his magic to make others feel better or just bigger and fatter and more huggable ;3

He is a Really nice guy so don't be afraid to come over and give him a hug~

Enjoy everyone~

Bidziil the Jackal © Lodoss12
Bakari the Jackal © ReidoRaichu